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And as infections escalated across New South Wales - while crowds flocked to the beaches - that state's premier, Gladys Berejiklian, urged people to report lockdown breakers. More than 5, calls were made to the police in the week that followed. But some callers had the wrong end of the stick. Police were alerted to a couple's holiday pictures on Facebook - only for officers to discover on a gbc visit that they were more than a year old.

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For authorities, it's always tricky to manage a message between condescension and social empowerment, says Dr Tierney. The union is waging a high-profile campaign against what it calls the company's "betrayal" of its staff. But it shouldn't be the only thing we have in our toolbox.

But it is BA's response to the crisis which has created an atmosphere within the company that staff have described as toxic, and prompted a political backlash. Is bbcc more ethical to report or not report someone pushing the limits? As the crisis worsened, state governments scrambled to arrange transport, shelter and food.

The largest Singaporean "Covidiot" group on Facebook has over 26, members. When the redundancy plans were first announced, Balpa came to the negotiating table. Outside of official hotlines - thousands have also engaged in online shaming forums.

Any bbc want to bust in wht

We can't be sending planes to bring home one lot, but leave the other to walk back home," tweeted Shekhar Gupta, nAy and editor of The Print. However, there can be some cultural differences between countries - Americans and Canadians don't use "x" to denote a kiss at the end of a message, while Brits do, she says.

Thailand protests: thousands rally for third straight day despite government ban

Funerals are no exception. If Indian students, tourists, pilgrims stranded overseas want to return, so do labourers in big cities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the "total lockdown" was to ''save India, to save its citizens, your family". Ij of this has left BA looking like a company under siege. The satirist who vanished in broad daylight In recent months, the protesters have challenged the king's decision to declare Crown wealth as his personal property, which made him by far the wealthiest person in Thailand.

The pro-democracy Future Forward Party FFPwith its charismatic leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, garnered the third-largest share of seats and was particularly popular with young, first-time voters. A Home Office spokesperson said: "We do not comment on leaks.

Any bbc want to bust in wht

ib They had helped Bombay to survive the epidemic, but "the fleeing residents carried the disease with them, thereby spreading it. Others on the road included a five-year-old boy who was on a km miles journey by foot with his father, a construction worker, from Delhi to their home in Madhya Pradesh state in central India.

Indian coronavirus: why lock down bn people?

But just how effective is a policy that encourages people to turn on one another? Shutting down the railways, which the government has already done, is the only way to prevent infection.

But it warned that if an agreement could not be reached, it would force the issue - by giving them notice, and offering them new contracts. With people per square kilometre, India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. In Singapore, where the law does not prize personal freedom over collective responsibility, an official app to report things like cracked footpaths has been updated to receive alerts of people out and about.

But some callers had the wrong end of bist stick. Grant Shapps said he was "actively looking at these issues, right now, so that when we have infection rates within the country under control we're not importing".

Any bbc want to bust in wht

Time is not on our side so we will not pause or defer our consultations. But the plight of workers at home struck a jarring note.

Uk 'to bring in day quarantine' for air passengers

For weeks, it has been operating just a handful of flights a day, while the bulk of its fleet has been parked up. Locking up the entire family to save the elderly who are the most vulnerable possibly makes sense. There they will move into their t family homes, often with ageing parents. In a letter to the prime minister on 27 May, the chief executive of parent company IAG, Willie Walsh, wrote: "We are open to any ideas on how to limit and mitigate the impact of Covid on our business and our employees.

And as infections escalated across New South Wales - while crowds flocked to the beaches - that state's premier, Gladys Berejiklian, urged people to gbc lockdown breakers. Another woman walked with her husband and two-and-a-half year old daughter, her bag stuffed with food, clothes and water.

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The next few days will determine whether the states are able to transport the workers home or keep them in the cities and provide them with food and money. This has not and most definitely, will not work. There's no question that BA, like other airlines, has been dramatically affected by the lockdowns and closure of borders associated with the pandemic. He asked them to "stay wherever you are, because in large gatherings, you are also at risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

The union is still talking to BA - but he says the negotiations are "hanging by a thread" and could break byst at any time. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal implored the workers not to leave the capital.

Now, Unite says BA is using the Covid crisis as cover to make "permanent, drastic cuts to jobs, wages and conditions", at a time when industrial action is not an option. Coronavirus: Why is India testing so little?

The Bangkok Post said some 20, people had turned out to protest. The protests were halted by Covid restrictions, which banned gatherings, but they began again in June when a prominent pro-democracy activist went missing.

According to Brian Strutton, general secretary of Balpa, that move "felt like a kick in the teeth to those people who had been carrying out negotiations in good faith". He said it was important "that we do ensure that the sacrifices, in a sense, social distancing, that we're asking the British people to make are matched by anyone who comes to this country". There have also been questions over the king's decision whf take personal command of all military units based in Bangkok - a concentration of military power in royal hands unprecedented in modern Thailand.